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Kayla, My First White Boxer
Kayla, my first white Boxer

My passion for this beautiful breed "the Boxer" is for "all Boxers" regardless of their colour, as they all deserve a place in this world.

You will see some of my beautiful white darlings who all give their owners just as much love and happiness as any coloured Boxer does.

I have also included photos of siblings - "Two Patch Shakur, Maddie, and Phantom". These photos adorn my wall of remembrance which is in my kitchen, and every time I see them they just melt my heart.

Two Patch Shakur Maddie Phantom

They are white, they are Boxers, and they are special. I might add that in 36 years of breeding Boxers, I have only had one white pup that was born deaf. I named her Sugar, and she is in a wonderful home and is loved dearly. She has been taught hand signs - she is deaf, not stupid.

It also gives me great pleasure to include photos of a very very special Boxer boy who was named Tanker. He belonged to Rachel Osborne and he was trained as a guide dog for Rachel. Darling Tanker went to the Bridge and is now watching over his little apprentice, namely "Willie B". Willie is being trained to be a guide dog and although he has very big shoes (paws) to try to fill, that sweet little guy will try his heart out to please his mum - as all Boxers do!

Tanker Tanker with Rachel Tanker meeting Willie B

Speaking of pleasing their mum, again with much pleasure, I have included photos of a very smart white Boxer boy, namely "Zorro". Yep! He's white but not dumb or worthless. Zorro is owned/trained by Christy Rose (US) in Agility and as you can see by his big blue ribbons, he is doing very well. Zorro is one of three white Boxers that Christy owns, the others being China (who is now retired) and Chudleigh who is learning the ropes.

Christy telling Zorro what a good boy he is China showing off some of her ribbons

On the subject of Agility....

Boxers absolutely love doing Agility and they do it well because it's such fun...but like us humans, not everyone is sports-minded and some prefer the "Arts". Just goes to show how versatile a Boxer can be!

Agility is not for everyone!

Click here to see more photos of white Boxers.

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