Special Ones

As all Boxer owners know, every Boxer is beautiful, but sometimes you are blessed and you get to own a "Very Special One". That "Special One" takes over your heart and soul and there are no words that are apt enough to describe such a wonderful Boxer. I have been this lucky on two occasions in 36 years, the first being my Kelly, "Letomi Fanfare", aka Kelly Nash.

Kelly, My First Boxer

This beautiful lady was the beginning of Kellynda. Wow! What a Boxer she was! So incredibly intelligent....I only had to ask/show her once or twice what to do and she knew it; she was never naughty, never destructive - she was perfect in every way. She also had me believing that all Boxers were like her! Oh boy, did I have a rude awakening when the next one came along, and the next, and the next, etc....Kelly Nash was indeed special, and I never thought I would get another one like her - that is, until my darling Jake was born.

Jake - 9 years old

I named him "Kellynda Special Edition", not knowing at the time just how special he was going to be.

I have always said that Jake has been on this earth and lived with me before....this dog just amazed me with his intelligence, his love, and his loyalty. He never needed to be trained to do anything - he just knew what to do and how to do it. Whenever anyone met Jake they just loved him, and new puppy buyers wanted one just like him. I hope my new puppy owners will be blessed and be this lucky also, for to own a Boxer like Jake is to know what love really is.

My beautiful Jake made every day special.


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