The Kitties

Most people are just amazed when they find out that I also own and love cats. Their comment is usually, "You have cats with all those do they get along?" Well, most of my current Boxers have been raised with my cats therefore, they are all good friends.

Denz often sleeps with the Boxers

The breed of cat that I have owned for the past 22 years is called a Himalayan Persian. They are a breed which were developed by crossing a Persian with a Siamese, consequently it is a beautiful long-haired cat with different coloured points. I have a red point male (Denzel) and a chocolate point female (Coco) who are both 8½ years old (2008).

Denzel Coco

Darling Denz is the most laid-back cat that ever was born. He tolerates every new litter of pups who pounce on him and try to pull him around by the tail. He is never nasty to the pups and if they get too rough with him, he knows to just give out with a voice and I will come and dig him out from beneath all the pups. He also plays fetch. Yep! Fetch, and he is better at it than any of the Boxers. All I have to do is scrunch up some paper and he is all on for a game. For as long as I throw the paper, he will fetch it and bring it back. Smart kitty!

Denz Turnabout is fair play!

Coco on the other hand is totally intolerant of the Boxers, and most humans for that matter, and the Boxers know not to bother with her. As for her playing fetch, don't think so - she just gives me the look which says, "I am woman watch me roar".

I luv Coco

My kitties are very much-loved members of the Kellynda household, they help with the social development of my pups, and I am proud to present them on my website.

Puppies ganging up on Denzel

If any Boxer lover is considering a kitten I can vouch for the Himalayan being a suitable breed with Boxers, a male being more suitable. They also have beautiful blue eyes which don't show well in photos!

Coco and Denz

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