About Kellynda
Hi there, my name is Lin (Linda) and my first Boxer was named Kelly; therefore, that is how I came up with my prefix of "Kellynda" (Kel-lynda).

I have loved Boxers for as long as I can remember, and many people over the years have asked me, "Why Boxers?" I really don't know as I never knew any as I was growing up, I just knew I had a burning passion for them and that one day "The Boxer" would be the breed I would own and love forever.

My Boxers' happiness and health are the most important things to me, and as their devoted carer, I do everything within my power to make sure that they get what they deserve in life. Therefore, my dogs do not live in kennels, they have their own fully-furnished three-bedroom house to live in. They allow me to live there with them rent-free, as long as I give them what they need and deserve in life, that being lots of love, good healthy food, and comfort, with warmth in the winter and air-conditioned coolness in the summer - and of course a chauffeur-driven car! Let me tell you that in my next life, I intend to come back as a Boxer and live the same life as a Kellynda Boxer . . . AAH! That is the life to dream of!

A Dog's Life

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